Chapter XXXV: Shooting College Football w/Joe Hermitt | Patriot News & PennLive

Photographs. We are told they tell us a lot more than words ever could, yet we tend to overlook the ones taking them. This is especially the case when it comes to college football photographers.

Cory Lestochi welcomes Joe Hermitt, one of the best sport photographers in the business. He discusses what it's like to shoot college football games and the process it takes to achieve the final product you see in the newspaper the next day. He also shares his favorite CFB environments, what it was like photographing Saquon Barkley, and what happens when fan storm the field. He also makes his case for why everyone should be citing photographers when posting their work even if it is as simple as a social media post.

**This is one of my favorite interviews and Joe was awesome.

Find more of Joe Hermitt's work on his twitter @JoeHermitt and at PennLive | Patriot News

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